PT Genesys Integrated Indonesia

PT Genesys Integrated Indonesia is a systems integrator that provides the best IT solutions and services with flexible cost alternatives and up-to-date technology. Genesys offers end-to-end solutions (E2ES) in the form of modular-based, integrated applications revolving mainly around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), especially with how ERP has now become commonplace in the modern and dynamic business environment. ERP is the go-to solution for SMEs and large corporations alike for improving business performance and efficiency, with the main goals of automating the business process and reducing cost.
With the breadth knowledge of its founder and the conceptual and technical competence of its analyst teams, Genesys’ ERP technology offers three core benefits:

  • Information Visibility Across Departments
  • Better Control over Reverse Logistics
  • Improvement in the Supply Chain via Timely Information Management

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