PT Genesys Integrated Indonesia

is a system integrator, which provide the best information services solution with flexible cost alternatives and up to date technology applications. Genesys provides modular based and integrated application that provide end-to-end solution. Genesys product mainly on Enterprise Resources Planning scope and its Implementation. Business nowadays requires prompt reaction. The enterprise resources planning systems are now becoming commonplace. Many studies report that about 90% of large business organization have implemented an ERP system. In addition to their implementation, nowadays, it has reached many mid sized organization. Genesys adopt ERP systems with the breadth knowledge of its founder and the analyst team. Genesys system offer three major benefits:

  • Business process automation
  • Timely access to management information
  • Improvement in the supply chain via the use if E-communication and E-commerce
  • Information visibility
  • Decreased costs
  • Faster period-end closes
  • Greater market responsive
  • Better control over reverse logistics
  • And other benefits

Direction to our company: