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Genesys Integrated Indonesia is an Information Technology based system integrator that provides the best IT solutions and services with flexible cost alternatives and up-to-date technology. Genesys offers end-to-end solutions (E2ES) in the form of modular-based, integrated applications revolving mainly around enterprise software development as well as other technology services, to rapidly deploy technology solutions to our clients.
The type of solutions covers from Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management System, Industry 4.0 and IoT Solutions, to Hardware & Infrastructure for improving business performance and efficiency, with the main goals of automating the business process and reducing cost.
With the breadth knowledge of its founder and the conceptual and technical competence of its team of diversity, Genesys is ready to solve real business problems with living colour. Genesys' technology offers three core benefits:

  • Business process automation
  • Timely access to management information
  • Cost effective alternatives

Executive Summary

Donny Susanto Witono

Founder and Managing Director
Donny Susanto Witono - Founder and Managing Director

Smart leader with expertise of analytical skill, system and project rollout, cisco based networking and windows server infrastructure. Recognized for achieving results by re-engineering information flow to optimize business system, utilization of reporting technologies to accelerate valuable information generation, and effective resource allocation to drive optimum IS performance.

Strengths include building relationship with business owners, working with various Asia different cultures, and utilization of IT handy tools to improve work productivity. International travelling experience and ability to work in different time zone. Proven track record of:

  • Achieving results
  • Showing initiative
  • Managing people with diversity
  • Identifying solutions to problem
  • Providing strong IT technical background
  • Resource utilization


To be one of the market leader in the Information Technology Industry


Providing the best services and solutions to achieve client satisfaction with guaranteed quality of work, speed, accuracy and competitive prices. Building partnerships with clients on the principle of mutual benefit.


Genesys comes up from a team of diversity, combining soft skill and hard skill, with living color solving business real problems



  • Founded
  • ERP Products (desktop)
  • Supply Chain Management Products



  • Management Restructuring
  • Expand Market Nationwide



  • Web Apps Technology
  • Mobile Technology



  • SaaS Products



  • Business Diversification
  • Outsourcing
  • Consulting



  • IT Bootcamp



  • RFID Tag Manufacturer
  • Artificial Intelligence based Business
  • Non-stop innovation

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