Our Clients

Our Clients

You are in good company. Here are our proud, satisfied clients

PT Meiji Indonesia

PT Meiji Indonesia is a company engaged in the pharmaceutical industry with Meiji Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Japan.

Museum Macan

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN) is an art museum in Jakarta.

Integral Omni Inspire Pte Ltd (IOI) - Singapore Company

A software company providing artificial intelligence services and products for the biomedical industry.

AIP Prisma

The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Incomes through Support for Markets in Agriculture (PRISMA) is a development partnership between the Government of Australia (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, DFAT) and the Government of Indonesia (Bappenas).

PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance

Adira Finance is the largest financing company for financing various automotive brands in Indonesia

PT Central Motor Wheel Indonesia

PT Central Motor Wheel Indonesia is an industrial company that produces wheels of the highest quality

PT Central Java Daya Wiguna Indonesia

PT Central Java Daya Wiguna Indonesia is a network marketing company through natural-based health and beauty products

Surya Indah Co.

Surya Indah Co. is a company engaged in General Trading & Supplier, Mining Supplies, Rice Mills, Pumice Stones, Manure Distirbutor, Forwarding & Logistic, Inland Transport, Sea Transport, Stevedoring, and Referigerated Containers

CV Cokro Bersatu

CV Cokro Bersatu is engaged in the food industry providing legendary bread, Bluder Cokro from Madiun, East Java.

GoodFellas Barbershop

GoodFellas is one of the biggest barbershop in Indonesia with more than ten branches in East Java and Kalimantan.

Havanna Reflexology

Havanna Reflexology is a family reflexology company that provides massage services.

PT Sumber Jaya Reksatama

PT Sumber Jaya Reksatama managed Khayangan Residence one of the first & largest housing in Bangkalan - Madura.

Dinas Tenaga Kerja Lamongan

Lamongan government institution that fosters, controls and supervises in the field of employment, provides training for prospective workers and provides wide employment opportunities

PT Otsuka Indonesia

PT Otsuka Indonesia is a company engaged in the pharmaceutical industry with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Japan.

Shu Guo Yin Xiang

Aevitas Consulting is an authentic Sechuan hotpot restaurant that is based in Jakarta and Surabaya.

PT Asuransi Central Asia (ACA)

PT Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) is a company engaged in general insurance business.

PT Jakarta International Container Terminal

Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) is the largest container terminal in Indonesia

Pemda Nias Selatan

Local Goverment Indonesia in South Nias.

PT Aneka Sukses Semesta

PT Aneka Sukses Semesta is a manufacturing company that delivers premium baby and maternity products for Indonesian mothers and babies

PT Indonesia Dwi Sembilan

PT Indonesia Dwi Sembilan produces all types of Indonesian tobacco leaf that conforms to international standard with activities encompassing agronomy, buying, handling, processing, packing and shipping.

PT Sumber Redjeki

PT Sumber Redjeki is a tobacco producer, dealer, packer and exporter company.

PT Surapita Unitrans

PT Surapita Unitrans is one of the dealer of Kawasaki in Surabaya, East Java.

PT Natural Nusantara

PT Natural Nusantara is a multinational company engaged in producing and cultivation technique of agrocomplex products.

PT Wijaya Karya

Indonesia's leading integrated Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) & investment company.

PT Mutiara Cahaya Plastindo

PT. Mutiara Cahaya Plastindo is a homegrown business producing plastic packaging and paper lamination.

PT Kairos Logam Makmur

PT Kairos Logam Makmur is an industrial company that utilizes metal recycling technology to produce aluminum.

PT Antamas Tekad Makmur

PT Antamas Tekad Makmur is a sawn timber manufacturer company and combined service with experience in the furniture industry.

Swiss-Bel Hotel

Swiss-Bel Hotel is an International hotel chain that offers luxury and economy hotel and resort accommodation worldwide.

Harris Hotel

HARRIS hotel developed by TAUZIA Hotel Management provides the concept of business and leisure in the mid scale market of hotels.

PT Indiratex Spindo

PT Indiratex Spindo is a quality yarn manufacturer that revolutionize the industries with its unique products and competitive pricing.

PT Sekawan Intiplast

PT Sekawan Intiplast is a high-quality plastic bag manufacturer with high standard production system.

PT Viccon Modern Industry

PT Viccon Modern Industry is an eco-friendly manufacturing company which produces Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) and Floor Panel named Citicon.

PT GK Industry

PT GK Industry is a sister company of Chemicals & Machinery Pte Ltd (Singapore) with experience in the business of surface finishing.

PT Superior Persada Sejahtera

PT Superior Persada Sejahtera is a manufacturing company providing lightweight brick technology, Blesscon.

PT Citra Cakra Logam

PT Citra Cakra Logam is a leading Zinc Oxide manufacturer in Indonesia determined to provide high quality zinc oxide selection with international quality standards.

PT Spikoe Resep Kuno

PT Spikoe Resep Kuno is a Spikoe bakery located in Surabaya with premium ingredients and based on traditional recipe.

PT Quintinos Djava

PT Quintinos Djava is a company that specialises in innovations, sourcing and roasting the premium coffees of Indonesia in building a brand and relationship with premium customers.

PT Herbal Equiva Internasional

PT Herbal Equiva Internasional is an MLM company that produces the best quality products and uses modern technology in its production.

PT East West Seed Indonesia

PT East West Seed Indonesia is one of the first integrated vegetable seed company in Indonesia that produces superior vegetable seeds through plant breeding activities.

CV Duta Perkasa

CV Duta Perkasa is a company specialized in industrial technical supplies and solutions.

Kios Digital

Kios Digital is a company that provides digital products and services.

CV Makmur Abadi

CV Makmur Abadi is one of the building material supplier in Surabaya, Indonesia.

CV Vista Inti Teknik

CV Vista Inti Teknik is an electrical utility company in Surabaya.

PT Indah Tjandra Abadi

PT Indah Tjandra Abadi is a manufacturing company for tapes.

PT Amcor Specialty Cartons Indonesia

PT Amcor Specialty Cartons Indonesia is a global leader in developing and producing packaging that is responsible for a wide variety of products.

Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera

Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera is a foundation established to take part in the social and humanitarian fields, especially related to agricultural livelihoods.

Bumi Surabaya City Resort

Bumi Surabaya City Resort is an exquisite accommodation for business, leisure, and authentic traditional dining experiences nestled in Surabaya downtown area.

PT Ecoberingin

PT. Ecoberingin is an R2 (Responsible Recycling), ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified total E-waste management solutions provider in Indonesia.

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